Carrefour menstrual cups

Below we present ALL Carrefour menstrual cups , the best range for you to choose your menstrual cup. If you are wondering about what a menstrual cup is, we are going to help you find the one you are looking for, we have filtered and searched the ENTIRE collection of menstrual cups in the online store and we have left the best menstrual cups, so you can go directly to the product you are looking for and buy it at the best price.

We help you buy the Carrefour glass that best suits you

If you are looking for the best price Carrefour menstrual cup, at we have cataloged, compared and searched for the best cups for the Carrefour brand rule and we will show you everything so that you can choose the one that best suits you.

In this section you can discover your Amazon menstrual cups, you will find all the Amazon menstrual cup brands that you can buy. Choose the type of menstrual cup and we will show you EVERYTHING about menstrual cups .

The best price Carrefour menstrual cup

It is important that you inform yourself here before buying what type of menstrual cup to look for, in case you need an Amazon menstrual cup applicator , what size menstrual cup do I have to buy, if there is a starter kit , what texture and consistency , the details of shape ( the shooter ) and above all the price . We have worked hard to make it easy for you so that you can find the best in menstrual cups and go directly to the one that interests you.

Menstrual cup size 1 durable protection Carrefour Soft

Characteristics of the Carrefour Soft cup:

  • Reusable
  • Ultra smooth
  • Suitable for light and heavy flows
  • Biocompatible medical grade silicone
  • 12H- Long-lasting protection

Composition:  Biocompatible medical grade silicone.

Contents:  One size 2 menstrual cup. Carrying bag. Manual.

Conservation advice:  Store in the transport bag and in a cool, dry place.

Carrefour menstrual cup sizes

Size 1:  For women who have not had a vaginal delivery and / or with little discharge.

Size 2:  For women who have had a vaginal delivery and / or with a lot of discharge.

Deliplus menstrual cup available in two sizes

Next, we explain the difference between one size and another. However, these are indicative sizes. It is important that the woman feel comfortable wearing it.

  • M : Recommended for women under 25 years of age who have not had children by vaginal delivery.
  • L : Recommended for women over 25 or who have had children through vaginal delivery.

How to use the menstrual cup:

Sterilize before the first application : wash your hands, put enough water in a saucepan to cover the glass and bring it to a boil. When it is boiling immerse the glass for 3-4 minutes.

Menstrual cup placement:

1. Wash your hands and adopt a comfortable position.

2. Fold the cup (it can be done in two ways):

to. Press the sides together and fold in half into a U.

b. Place a finger on the top edge of the glass and press inward to form a triangle.

3. Insert it and, once inside, it will open and adapt perfectly to your vaginal wall.

4. To extract the cup, press the base, take it out and empty it.

5. Every time we empty it, it is advisable to rinse with warm water and dry with toilet paper. Clean with intimate or PH neutral soap.

6. Once the period is over and before storing it for the next month, clean it with water and intimate soap, and for further sterilization, boil it in water.

7. You can use the menstrual cup at night and while practicing any sport.

What menstrual cup to buy and recommendations for use?

How quality menstrual cups differ

An important factor is that they do not cause irritation or allergies. One aspect that helps to identify official brands is the packaging. In addition to the materials used, it is important to see that the design is suitable with an extraction system as well as rounded edges. If the materials used are standardized materials suitable for use, they will be biocompatible without causing allergic reactions.

How to choose the menstrual cup correctly?

The cups are reusable and can last up to ten years with proper use and care. If the flow is small, the size should be small. It is normally used by women up to 25 years of age. For those women who have had natural childbirth, a larger size is recommended to avoid leaks. They are usually found in two sizes or more depending on the manufacturer or model.

How to sterilize the menstrual cup?

It is recommended to sterilize menstrual cups in boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes usually, see manufacturer’s instructions. Sterilization must be done before placing in each cycle. Wash with cold water, it is not recommended to use gels or soaps. Other tips if the glass turns yellow is to use hydrogen peroxide. Soak overnight.

What to look for when buying a menstrual cup?

Different aspects differentiate a good menstrual cup. They are usually manufactured in three materials: latex, plastic or silicone. The menstrual plug or menstrual cup can be found in two sizes generally. Depending on the age, flow or if you have had natural childbirth, the small or large size is recommended. Other aspects must be taken into account such as its design and ease of use.

How to make my menstrual cup open?

It is necessary to check that there are no wrinkles in the cup joints to avoid leaks. To avoid folds you can try different placements and at the end ensuring that the cup has been completely opened, run your finger around your body to check that there are no bulges or bulges. The cervix or neck of the uterus can vary with the period so it is convenient to locate it to determine the position of the cup. It should be immediately under the cervix so that no leakage occurs. If the cup is full you will experience small leaks. It is convenient to change it between 2 and 4 times a day with a maximum of 12 hours between changes.

Where can I buy Carrefour menstrual cups?

This brand is well known in the range of intimate health products and the Carrefour menstrual cup at the pharmacy price can be purchased but if you want the best price, we recommend buying online , we have compared the entire Carrefour range on different websites and we have this product at best internet price. You can safely buy at since we collaborate with Amazon and you will receive all our products at home with the Amazon guarantee and super fast!

Shipments in 24 hours or when you prefer
Home delivery or wherever you want
Security in every payment

Do you know the carrefour menstrual cup?

We show you in this YouTube video a tutorial to solve your doubts about how to use the menstrual cup. We tell you all the advantages of using this menstrual cup.

Carrefour menstrual cup opinions

The big difference that everyone contributes is the price, since carrefour menstrual cups cost about € 9, very cheap compared to others.

Regarding quality, it is noticeable that they are fatter causing a difficult placement, but in general they meet expectations well.

Carrefour or Mercadona menstrual cup?

Both have a very cheap price but some differences, since Carrefour Soft’s menstrual cup is made with medical grade silicone while Mercadona’s is made of thermoplastic, something that just by touching them you can tell in the texture. This difference also means that Mercadona’s intimate cup does not adapt the same, making it more rigid and causing difficult placement.

  • Product: Soft menstrual cup has a Price: € 9.00
  • Product: Deliplus intimate cup has a Price: € 9.00

Menstrual cup el corte ingles

There is also a day menstrual cup or el corte ingles menstrual cup, all with similar characteristics and good prices.

The price of menstrual cups in supermarkets is usually 9 euros which compared to other higher quality menstrual cups such as the enna cycle is noticeable. You can start with a menstrual cup, carrefour or mercadona, but is it worth it for a few more euros?

TOP brands of menstrual cups Online

Next we are going to show you only the TOP brands of menstrual cups on Amazon so that you can buy directly from the best brands.

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