Best menstrual shorts for teens 2021

culottes menstruales para jovenes

Here I am going to tell you the most important thing about best menstrual shorts for young people and teens 2021, especially all the factors you should consider to buy one that is  good, durable , and that works specifically  for your type of flow or style of panties .

When my daughter got her period, I had no idea how to choose a pad that would fit her well and help her stay comfortable at school or when playing sports. Although friends of mine gave me  some recommendations to choose from , I was still in a sea of ​​doubts. So he bought  by randomly calculating the size and type  and, as you can guess, many did not work for him.

Then I lost a lot of money and she had  several accidents due to not fitting well or because of the amount of bleeding that made her feel very bad and me too. She even suffered from  itching and allergies on her skin  so I had to take her to the doctor a couple of times.

It took 3 months of trying and asking other mothers who have already gone through this situation. After this,  many mothers recommended me to use the menstrual panties  for girls. I even dared to buy menstrual panties the English cut, I tried them and the result has been incredible , now it is clear to me that they work perfectly and I buy my menstrual panties Online on Amazon without fear that it will not work. I don’t want any other panties during my period!

And with all this information that I was able to elaborate,  I will tell you in this comparison how to choose your panties well for the rule. I’ve also looked at some adult panties on Amazon to recommend some of the  brands I trust the most .

Comparative of the 8 best menstrual panties brands for girls on the market

I have prepared this comparative table with the 8 best menstrual shorts for girls after analyzing it and comparing a large number of models and menstrual panties with the best brands.

Next I will share with you everything I have learned about the panties for the rule, and I leave you a  list of the best models  that I found on Amazon when I was looking for my daughter’s ones, the ones with the best reviews and ratings, and an  excellent relationship price quality.

News in menstrual culottes for young people to buy in 2021

I selected the culottes that you will see below  thinking about the different needs  that may be presented to you or your daughters.

I also verified that they all  have good opinions  and are not too expensive to take care of your pocket.

How to choose the best menstrual shorts

There are details that are essential when you go to buy these panties, so I summarize all the characteristics you need to know to choose a menstrual panties in the following list.

1) The size

The first thing you are going to see is the size because if it is too loose there  may be leaks  and if it is  too tight it will be a nuisance .

It is  a common mistake to choose a larger size  thinking that it will have more coverage, in these cases, the panties tend to loosen and can cause leaks.

Now, some people  use their pant size to choose their panties . But to give you an idea, here are some approximate measurements  taking into account the measurement of the person’s hip circumference  .

Hip circumference (cm) Pant size
International Europe US UK FR IT
82-88 XS 34 XS 6 36 1
88-94 S 36 S 8 38 2
94-100 M 38 M 10 40 3
100-106 L 40 L 12 42 4
106-116 XL 42 XL 14 44 5
116-126 XXL 44 XXL 16 46 6
126-136 XXXL 46 XXXL 18 48 7

Now keep in mind that  not all brands have these sizes of panties for adults or girls , so do not forget to check well if they have the size you require before purchase.

2) Types of absorbent menstrual panties

The second thing is to see the types of panties so that you can choose the one that suits you best. There are: Normal briefs, Brazilian briefs, hipster briefs, bikini briefs, culottes, opening briefs, thongs, girdle briefs, trouser briefs.

3) Amount of menstruation, vaginal discharge or leakage

It is very important to choose one  that adapts well to your body  and satisfies your needs, but depending on the flow you have, you should choose one type or another since they are cataloged by:

Moderate flow  🩸

Reebok Women’s Underwear – Long Leg Seamless Slip Short Boyshort (3 pack), Rose Dust/Brownie/Black, Small

a partir de 2 de julio de 2022 04:46

Regular flow 🩸🩸

Thinx Period Sleep Shorts | Period Shorts | Super Absorbency Grey

a partir de 2 de julio de 2022 04:46

High flow 🩸🩸🩸

Bambody Absorbent Boyshort: Classic Fit Trunk Style Underwear for Period Protection (2 Pack: Dark Blue - Violet, Medium)

a partir de 2 de julio de 2022 04:46

4) Anti odor protection

Before jumping to buy yours,  pay attention to this factor , which will determine the quality, effectiveness and durability of your panties for the rule.

5) The price of the panties for the rule

The price of panties for girls  depends on the brand  and the number of units that each purchase includes.

You can find ecological menstrual panties from € 13 , while depending on the brand or quantity you buy you will find them by packs or by types.

Conclusion: what is the best recommended menstrual culotte

The best menstrual culotte model for you  depends on the type of flow  you have, and the type of brief you want to wear (classic, thong, culotte, hipster, brief, short …)

  • Even so, there is a model that I believe is  useful for everything and I leave it here for you to see after analyzing the different products in this category in menstrual shorts for young people.
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Useful YouTube videos for youth menstrual shorts

Menstrual panties are an ecological and economical alternative to the use of pads and panty liners. Do you want to know more about the subject? In this video we tell you everything you need to know about menstrual panties.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why choose to wear menstrual shorts?

– Comfort: Using more comfortable protection helps us feel comfortable during our period. For this reason we are committed to offering you menstrual panties for all budgets.
– For the environment: menstrual panties are reusable. In this way you avoid the consumption of several tens or hundreds of disposable protections per year!
– For our body: Our body deserves healthy and non-toxic protections. We have created our new generation of hygienic protections for this purpose. Our menstrual panties are comfortable and practical. Your body will thank you!

Are menstrual shorts useful for urine leaks?

Typically these panties  can be used for  minor urine leakage. They are ideal for  pregnant women or young mothers who may have little  
urine leakage. They can also be used if you have losses  during the cycle.

Can menstrual shorts be worn all day?

In principle, they can be used all day or all night without having to change them, although from Cocoro they clarify that this will also depend on the amount of flow you have and the day of the cycle in which you are, so perhaps in the first days  you want to combine them with another method.

How to wash the culottes for menstruation?

We recommend that you rinse them with cold water immediately after use, until the water runs clear. They can be washed by hand or in the washing machine. You can wash them with detergent at 30 ° C with the rest of your clothes. Take them out to the air so as not to damage the fabric. If you decide to wash your panties by hand, do it in cold water and use a soap that is not too greasy (this will damage the fabric). 
If you are using a washing machine, first rinse the panties with cold water to remove excess blood.

Images of menstrual culottes for young people

Products related to this product

You can find more information about menstrual panties on our website specialized in menstruation products or consult other media such as wikipedia or pages on the subject for more information. Leave us your comment or ask us what you need , our team will try to help you in everything you need.

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