ENNA Menstrual Cups

Below we present ALL ENNA menstrual cups , the best range for you to choose your menstrual cup. If you are wondering what a menstrual cup is, we are going to help you find the ENNA menstrual cup you are looking for, we have filtered and searched the ENTIRE collection of menstrual cups in the online store and we have left the best menstrual cups, to that you can go directly to the product you are looking for and buy it at the best price.

We help you buy an enna cup that best suits you

If you are looking for the best price enna menstrual cup, at Menstrual.pro we have cataloged, compared and searched for the best cups for the ENNA brand rule and we will show you everything so that you can choose the one that best suits you.

Comprehensive analysis of enna menstrual cups

The enna vaginal cup, being a washable cup, is an alternative to single-use protections and helps reduce waste and take care of the environment. 

For more information click on the model you want to see more details. Select your size, enna cycle type or your enna starter kit and when you have your enna menstrual cup amazon it will be delivered to your home in 24h / 48h or whenever you choose.

Buy your menstrual cup enna amazon, we have found enna cycle unbeatable price in our selected catalog with the best offers on the ENNA brand.

TOP Best Enna Cups [2021]

Next we show you the catalog to buy menstrual cups for the rule with all the details of the brand of these ecological menstrual cups ♻. We show you the best guaranteed prices. ENNA is undoubtedly the best choice in intimate cups for menstruation.

Enna cycle menstrual cup ✅Top 1 ecological menstrual alternatives

The enna cycle glass is the star product of the Enna brand. You can choose different types of menstrual cups such as the enna cycle with applicator or the enna cycle starter kit. Here we show you the best kits in glasses for menstruation:

Enna Cycle Starter Kit

$37,38  Stock
23 nuevo desde $32,90
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a partir de 27 de junio de 2022 22:41


  • Incluye CAJA ESTERILIZADORA enna box, qpara esterilizar y transporta la copa menstrual.
  • DOS COPAS POR PACK una SHORT Talla S y una STANDARD Talla S.
  • CON APLICADOR para que puedas introducirla más fácilmente.
  • Tiene un HILO GUÍA para saber que está bien colocada y poder ubicar la base de la copa, así como para recordar que la llevamos puesta y no olvidarnos de extraerla.
  • FABRICADA EN ESPAÑA con SILICONA LÍQUIDA de grado médico, lo cual la hace más blandita y cómoda.

Enna cycle cup with enna applicator

The only menstrual cup with applicator, it will be much easier for you to put it on! Enna cycle with applicator meets all quality standards, healthy since it is made of liquid medical silicone, which makes it soft and squishy, ​​as well as more comfortable since you can wear it for up to 12 hours. In addition, with the enna menstrual cup with applicator you will take care of the environment.

Enna cycle starter kit

The only menstrual cup with applicator, it will be much easier for you to put it on!

Enna menstrual cup starter kit is a pack for those women who want to start using the menstrual cup and with the enna cup applicator it will be much easier.

  • enna cycle s is smaller and is ideal for initiation in the use of the menstrual cup.
  • Once you have sufficient confidence, you can start using the standard size S cycle enna cycle.
  • enna cycle size S short is also suitable for women with a lower cervix.

The enna starter kit menstrual cup is indicated for:

  • Young girls who begin to menstruate, between the ages of 10 and 18.
  • Women who have never had sexual intercourse and are starting to use a menstrual cup.
  • Women with a lower cervix than the standard.

You also have available the menstrual cup enna size m (enna cycle m) and the menstrual cup enna size l (enna cycle l) .

Enna Cycle - 2 Copas menstruales y Caja esterilizadora

$29,02  Stock
29 nuevo desde $25,71
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a partir de 27 de junio de 2022 22:41


  • CAJA ESTERILIZADORA enna box, que también sirve para trasnportala y tener siempre una copa de repuesto a mano.
  • DOS COPAS EN CADA PACK para que puedas tener siempre una de recambio.
  • Tiene un HILO GUÍA para saber que está bien colocada y poder ubicar la base de la copa, así como para recordar que la llevamos puesta y no olvidarnos de extraerla.
  • Esta FABRICADA EN ESPAÑA con SILICONA LÍQUIDA de grado médico, lo cuál la hace más blandita y cómoda.
  • Disponible en 3 TALLAS para que puedas escoger la que mejor se adapta a ti.

OFFERS in menstrual cup enna amazon

Get your enna starter kit unbeatable price with Amazon guarantee, check the enna menstrual cup opinions and you will see how you are not wrong. If you want to buy enna cycle, we have searched for the best price for enna cup among all the available offers.

* Note: the use of menstrual cups for the first time can damage the hymen, if its conservation is important to you, you must take this fact into account.

Our menstrual cup that meets all quality standards, healthy since it is made of liquid medical silicone, which makes it soft and cuddly, as well as more comfortable since you can wear it for up to 12 hours. In addition to taking care of the environment.

Tips for buying enna glass

Choose your menstrual cup size well, you will find in amazon menstrual cup in sizes S, L or M.

Enna cycle S Size with aplicatorEnna cycle M Size with aplicatorEnna cycle S SizeEnna cycle M SizeEnna cycle L SizeEnna cycle Starter Kit
SizeSMSMLS short / S standard
Capacity17ml23,5ml17ml23,5ml33mlS short 12ml / S standard 17ml
Cup diameter38mm42mm38mm42mm46mm38mm
Cup Length46mm51mm46mm51mm56mm40mm /46mm
Thread Length70mm70mm70mm70mm70mm70mm

Enna menstrual cup reviews

We have compiled some reviews of the enna cup opinions so that when buying enna menstrual cup you are as informed as possible:

Is this cup worth it or better to buy the one that comes with an applicator?

Answer: At Menstrual.pro we believe that it is, since most think that they are used to inserting it with their fingers and have no problem. I would buy it

We’ve tried other menstrual cups and these are the smallest size we’ve seen, which is fine for beginners. The applicator is not always easy to use perfectly but it helps a lot to position it well.

The box where it can be stored is very practical although it closes a little badly. It would have been perfect if I brought a bag for the other drink. Very satisfied with the purchase.

Most of the people think that it is super comfortable and bring the cup to sterilize it and another size S depends on the flow and your body. Hold for many hours and bring an applicator, although it may not be necessary to use it. It bends in s and already.

Very easy to use. People have tried other brands and this one from the beginning is very comfortable. At first you have to get used to it, but then you appreciate the purchase.

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Enna menstrual cups images

Preguntas Copas Menstruales ENNA (FAQ)

¿Como saber si puedo usar una copa menstrual enna?

Puedes ver si puedes usar una copa menstrual en la siguiente imagen.

Types of folding an enna menstrual cup:

There are different types of folding a menstrual cup. You have the V-fold, the C-fold and the S-fold. We show you how you have to perform each type of folding in the following image where you can see the steps you have to do to perform each type of menstrual cup folding.

How to use the enna menstrual cup applicator?

Using an enna cup with applicator is the most practical way to start using enna cycle menstrual cup with applicator. In this illustration we show you how to use the enna applicator correctly.

You can buy the enna menstrual cup applicator or the Enna starter kit that we have shown you in our catalog.

Where can I buy enna menstrual cup?

The enna brand is well known in the range of intimate health products and the enna menstrual cup pharmacy price can be purchased but if you want the best price enna cycle, we recommend you buy online , we have compared the entire enma range on different websites and we have the glass enna best price on the internet. You can safely buy at menstrual.pro since we collaborate with Amazon and you will receive all our products at home with the Amazon guarantee and super fast!

Shipments in 24 hours or when you prefer
Home delivery or wherever you want
Security in every payment

How to use enna cycle?

We show you in this YouTube video a menstrual cup tutorial to answer your questions about enna cycle.

Recommendations for the purchase and use of a Enna menstrual cup

How to know if a Enna menstrual cup is certified and of quality

It is advisable to use those that ensure that they are hypo-allergenic and that they do not cause skin reactions. We recommend that you buy glasses from the main brands on the market. In addition to the materials used, it is important to see that the design is suitable with an extraction system as well as rounded edges. Generally, most menstrual cups include certificates that ensure the non-toxicity of the product.

How to choose the Enna menstrual cup correctly?

The menstrual cups are made with materials compatible with the vaginal flora, ensuring that they do not cause allergies or irritations. Small sizes are recommended for women with little flow or over 25 years of age. In case of detecting leaks, select a slightly larger size to avoid said leaks. It is common to find these menstrual cups in two or three sizes.

How to boil the Enna menstrual cup for the first time?

To sterilize the menstrual cup, just leave it in boiling water for 3 – 5 minutes depending on the manufacturer. Sterilization must be done before placing in each cycle. Wash with cold water, it is not recommended to use gels or soaps. Other tips if the glass turns yellow is to use hydrogen peroxide. Soak overnight.

What aspects should we take into account to select a good Enna menstrual cup?

Several essential factors define the quality of a menstrual cup. It is an ecological and sustainable alternative since the consumption of materials is reduced compared to tampons and pads. We can usually find them in two sizes, the small size is usually used by those under 25 years old and the large size for those over 25 years old or women who have had natural childbirth. Within the wide catalog we can find menstruation cups that offer extra flexibility or softness properties that may be of interest.

What to do if the menstrual cup does not fit?

It is necessary to check that there are no wrinkles in the cup joints to avoid leaks. To avoid folds you can try different placements and at the end ensuring that the cup has been completely opened, run your finger around your body to check that there are no bulges or bulges. The neck of the uterus or cervix can vary with the period. The cup should be immediately under the cervix so it should be placed higher or lower so that no leaks occur. If the cup is full you will experience small leaks. It is convenient to change it between 2 and 4 times a day with a maximum of 12 hours between changes.

Other brands of menstrual cups:

Ask us what you need about menstrual cups and leave us your comments to help others find the menstrual cup they are looking for.

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