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Below we present ALL INNERSY menstrual panties , the best range for you to choose your preferred menstrual panties. We are only going to show you intimate menstruation clothing of the brand, since we have filtered and searched the ENTIRE menstruation clothing collection and we have left what you are interested in, so you can go directly to the product you are looking for..

INNERSY menstrual panties catalog

INNERSY menstrual panties will surprise you with their comfort and protection for more than 12 hours. You can use them day and night and at any time during your menstrual cycle. They’re made with soft cotton and ultra-absorbent fabrics for a dry feeling of well-being all day. INNERSY is a safe, sustainable and comfortable alternative.

Respect your privacy. Total discretion.

Being a washable brief, it is an alternative to single-use protections and helps to reduce waste and take care of the environment. It can be used for sports.

For more information click on the model you want to see more details. Select your size, type and flow when you have chosen your menstrual brief.

TOP INNERSY absorbent menstrual panties [2021]

Next we show you the SOLO catalog of INNERSY menstrual panties with all the details of the brand of these ecological menstrual panties :

INNERSY Period Underwear for Teen Girls Cotton Leakproof Menstrual Panties 3 Pack(12-14 Years, Solid 2 )

a partir de 2 de julio de 2022 04:48

INNERSY Women's Period Underwear High Waisted Postpartum Maternity Panties 3 Pack(Red&ensign&grey With Dark Lining,XX-Large)

a partir de 2 de julio de 2022 04:48

INNERSY Womens Underwear Cotton Hipster Panties Regular & Plus Size 6-Pack(Medium,Dark Vintage)

a partir de 2 de julio de 2022 04:48

INNERSY Womens Underwear Cotton Briefs Postpartum High Waisted Panties 5 Pack(Large, Dark)

a partir de 2 de julio de 2022 04:48

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INNERSY Design in underwear

Founded in 2002, Innersy specializes in the design, manufacture and sale of underwear, thermal underwear and socks that are the basic models for families. The company is committed to improving its products according to the advice of each client and is very involved in the development of these intimate garments.

INNERSY Womens Cotton Period Panties Heavy Flow Menstrual Underwear 3 Pack(Medium,Green&Stripe&Gray)

a partir de 2 de julio de 2022 04:48

INNERSY Women's Hipster Period Underwear Postpartum Teens Menstrual Panties 3-Pack(Black with Dark Lining,Medium)

a partir de 2 de julio de 2022 04:48

INNERSY Big Girls' Period Panties Menstrual Underwear for First Period Starter 3-Pack(Basics, L(12-14 yrs))

a partir de 2 de julio de 2022 04:48

INNERSY Womens Menstrual Period Panties High Waist Cotton Postpartum Underwear 3 Pack(Medium, Dark Red&Navy&Gray)

a partir de 2 de julio de 2022 04:48

Typically, a woman’s menstrual period begins around 12 years, which means there will be more than 2,300 days in her lifetime. Therefore, the choice of menstrual panties is important and necessary.

When to wear menstrual panties?

  • If you suffer from heavy menstrual flow and you will not be able to sleep well at night.
  • If you feel embarrassed by the stains on your pants or sheets.
  • If you have a child and the bleeding period passes after giving birth.
  • If you suffer from incontinence.

If so, the Innersy menstrual brief is the best option for you.

What menstrual brief to buy and recommendations for use?

What is the best menstrual brief to start with?

They can be worn for up to 12 hours without leaks following the instructions for use and with a suitable size selection. They are usually made with several layers, usually three, made with special fabrics to absorb while avoiding leaks. They are a good way to practice free bleeding, which promotes menstruation without using pads, tampons or cups. It allows the absorption of menstrual flow without it transferring to clothing.

How to differentiate a good quality menstrual brief

First of all, it must be made of materials that do not create allergies. Make sure the panties are properly labeled and packaged. They must identify the manufacturer and origin of the product. In addition to the materials used, it is important to see that the design is adequate with quality, resistant and soft seams. If the materials used are standardized materials suitable for use, they will be biocompatible without causing allergic reactions.

How to wash an intimate or menstrual panties correctly

It is convenient to wash in cold water with non-greasy detergents. Although with 2 or 3 panties you could spend the period washing them between changes, it is advisable to have a few more for comfort. Normally after 60 washes the fibers deteriorate and lose their absorption properties, so they should be replaced. If the silicone turns yellow, hydrogen peroxide can be used to bleach.

What characteristics to consider when buying a menstruation brief

To make a good purchase it is essential to take into account a series of recommendations. Regarding the materials, check that they are natural materials and that they do not have coatings that deteriorate over time. Manufacturers provide size charts to select the one that best fits. We also find some menstrual panties that include accessories to store them as well as sanitize them.

What to do if the menstrual pant is leaking?

If the absorption level of your menstrual brief is not adequate, it can be a common reason for leaks. If it gives placement problems, try to find the best position to ensure that there are no leaks. It is an intimate hygiene product that makes it easier to cope with the days of your period thanks to its absorption capacity. Menstrual panty-type clothing is also advisable to use if you suffer from incontinence thanks to its absorption power.

Other brands of menstrual panties:

Consult with us or leave us your opinion and comments to help others find the brief they are looking for.

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