Menstrual cup with valve 🥇

Copa menstrual con válvula de vaciado

If you are looking for menstrual cups with an emptying valve, at Menstrual.Pro we will tell you everything.

We are going to show you a complete analysis on menstrual cups with a dump valve. Would you like to have a menstrual cup that empties itself? Or that does not have to be changed? These are menstrual cups with a dump valve.

This design allows the cup to be emptied without having to remove it from the vagina. We are going to tell you EVERYTHING here.

We will describe both the benefits and the drawbacks of this system, the brands that offer the best benefits, as well as the testimonies of those who have tried them. So you can be sure before buying them and for that reason we leave you here the selection of the best menstrual cup with drain plug.

Catalog of Menstrual Cups with Drain Valve

The famous cups with a drain valve are very fashionable and more and more people are looking to buy a menstrual cup with a drain valve. It is a revolutionary invention and we believe it will be the star of this market for menstrual cups. We will show you all about the Unique Non-Removable Empty Menstrual Cup:

How is the self-draining menstrual cup used?

The main function of the menstrual cup with valve is to be able to discharge as many times as necessary, so that you can have 12 hours of protection. Especially this invention is suitable for women with abundant and constant flow.

These types of menstrual cups are emptied without having to remove it from the vagina because they do not have a bottom, but the stem widens to allow the liquid to flow. The valve is what keeps the cup closed until you decide when to discharge the flow.

Video menstrual cup with flush valve

To understand how the menstrual cup that empties itself works, we leave you this video.

Buy your menstrual cup with stopper on SALE!

To help you decide, here we show you the characteristics of the menstrual cup that empties itself, with all the details so that you can buy a menstrual cup at the best price. We have found Chinese menstrual cups with a drain valve but, we have tried and we are left with the Eureka Menstrual Cup! Due to its characteristics, we consider it to be the BEST menstrual cup with an emptying valve.

Flex Cup (Slim Fit) | Reusable Menstrual Cup | Pull-Tab for Easy Removal | Capacity of 2 Super Tampons

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Pros and Cons of the Dump Valve Menstrual Cup

If you are still not sure if this type of menstrual cup suits you, we will tell you all the advantages and disadvantages of menstrual cups with an emptying valve.


  • They are not worth buying if your flow is moderate, a normal glass will last 12 hours, the same time that you will have to change a valve to wash it.
  • You have to wait some time while the blood drains until it is completely emptied.
  • If your flow is irregular, that is, it coagulates too much or is very dry, the exhaust system may be clogged and its emptying function will not serve you too much, of course you can discharge the most liquid, and then release the accumulated clots more late.
  • The wide and / or long stem can become uncomfortable for certain women.


  • No es necesario sacarla de la vagina para descargar el contenido.
  • Puedes vaciarla en baños públicos sin necesidad de un lavabo cerca.
  • No hay que preocuparse demasiado si el baño no es tan higiénico como lo necesario para cambiarse una copa menstrual común, ya que solo tendrás que descargar el contenido, tal como si solo fueras a hacer pis.
  • Si tienes un flujo muy constante no tendrás que pasar por el engorro de sacar y meter la copa tan seguido.
  • Usar la copa menstrual en días de campamento ya no será tan complicado.
  • No necesitas lavarla tan seguido.
  • Algunas son más suaves y blandas que las copas comunes, ideal si tienes mucha sensibilidad.


Tips to select the best menstrual cup

How to put on the menstrual cup

If the cup is still bent somewhere and has not been fully opened to form a seal with the walls of the vagina can cause leakage. If it does not seal well between the cup and the vaginal wall, it may cause leakage. It will need to be moved to fully open and snug. The placement of the cup should be below the cervix. It should be noted that the cervix moves with the period so it is convenient to check where it is to place the cup facing. Most women will not need to empty the cup more than once every 8 hours. If it is necessary to change it more regularly due to the amount of flow, it is advisable to use a larger size.

What is the best menstrual cup for beginners?

They can be worn up to 12 hours without leaks following the instructions for use and with a suitable size selection. It is advisable to start with a small size as it will be easier to put on. For women with a lot of flow or over 25 years old, the large sizes are recommended. It is common to find these menstrual cups in two or three sizes.

What are the details to take into account when buying a menstrual cup?

To make a good purchase It is essential to take into account a series of recommendations. Although they are generally made of silicone, you have to make sure that they use this type of more durable materials. Intimate or menstrual cups can be found in two sizes. Small size is recommended for those under 25 years of age unless they have a large amount of flow and have had a natural delivery. We also find some menstrual cups that include accessories to store them as well as sanitize them.

How to boil the menstrual cup for the first time?

It is recommended to sterilize menstrual cups in boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes usually see manufacturer’s instructions. It is done in each cycle. Some glasses can be microwave sterilized in a specific container. Cold water. & Nbsp; It’s the best thing you can do for your glass to wash it. If it turns yellow, hydrogen peroxide can be used to recover it. Soak overnight.

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