What are menstrual cups and how to use?

How to use the menstrual cups are a product of personal hygiene that allows women cope in a more sustainable manner periods of menstruation. They are a clear alternative to the use of pads or tampons . In addition to being more ecological, they reduce the consumption of using these single-use products.

Menstrual cups also are known as cup menstruation , vaginal cup or menstrual tampon . All of them allow, on the one hand, to collect all the menstrual fluid and store it without leaks. And on the other hand they keep the woman clean and disinfected during the period.

What is a menstrual cup?

Menstrual cups are made of a soft and flexible material in the shape of an inverted bell. In the highest part it collects the flow and also seals with the walls of the vagina . The narrowest part is in the bottom allow the placement and removal . Inside, menstrual flow is hermetically stored.

What material are menstruation cups made of?

The material used is a flexible and elastic material that is generally made of silicone , latex or surgical plastic . The materials used are harmless to avoid allergies and irritations .

Menstrual cups once placed in your vagina , creating a  seal of suction that prevents  leakage of blood. One of the advantages is that they collect more menstrual blood than tampons or sanitary pads, but they must be emptied and washed regularly .

How does a menstrual cup work?

The menstrual cup is a silicone , latex or surgical plastic type container that is inserted into the vagina during menstruation to collect the flow. It acts as a storage tank for the liquid between emptying.

One of the advantages is that the upper part is sealed with the wall of the vagina so that it remains hermetically closed . This, in addition to avoiding leaks and odors, ensures that the flow does not oxidize, preventing infections.

What is a menstrual cup for?

The use of the menstrual cup is intended for the intimate hygiene of women. This element allows the menstrual flow to be collected cleanly and without leaks during the period. Periodically every 4, 8 or 12 hours it should be emptied to remove the flow.

Steps to Using a Menstrual Cup Properly

Tiempo necesario: 5 minutos.

How to insert a menstrual cup easyly

  1. How to put on the menstrual cup?

    To place the cup, it is convenient to wash your hands with a neutral pH gel to disinfect your hands. Next you should get into a comfortable position you can bend over, put one foot on the toilet, sit on the toilet or just stand up, you will quickly discover what works best for you. If you want ALL the steps to put on a menstrual cup, we will tell you everything in this post.

  2. How to fold the menstrual cup?

    The next step will be to fold the cup . There are several ways to fold your cup, experiment and find your favorite. For a V-fold, push the edge towards the base and squeeze the cup so that the fold does not open. This fold facilitates insertion as the diameter is reduced. The C-fold can also be applied this allows a top corner to be folded diagonally to the opposite bottom corner.

  3. How to open the menstrual cup?

    When the cup is inside, simply remove your fingers and let it open . We must make sure that the cup is well deployed and open. To check this, we must touch the base of the glass, you should notice that it is round, that it has recovered its original shape. If you notice any crease with your fingers, it means that it is not fully unfolded. We recommend that if this is the case you gently hold the base of the cup, and then try to gently twist like threading to make sure it sits well and is sealed.

  4. Check that the vaginal cup is properly positioned

    When the cup is well placed you will notice it . If you try to pull gently on the end ‘ll notice that there is resistance , it has created a vacuum and the cup has been placed successfully.

  5. Recommendations for placing the menstrual cup

    As a recommendation, it should be noted that you can use water or aqueous lubricant to facilitate placement. In the case of using a lubricant, apply a small amount only on the edge to help the placement and be free of leaks.

Menstrual cup How to use?

During menstruation, between emptying and emptying every 12 hours , we must clean it only with water, making sure that all the stains are gone and it remains clean. If period abundant , or as many days, it may be necessary to empty more often every 4 or 8 hours.

How long do menstrual cups last?

Menstrual cups have a length very high to the treated resistant materials and have no reaction. It is possible that with correct maintenance it will last between 8 and 10 years . This will mean a significant saving compared to other methods used such as pads or tampons.

How to sterilize the menstrual cup?

Before using your menstrual cup for the first time, you must sterilize it in boiling water. You should make sure to put enough water in a saucepan so that it does not touch the bottom of it and does not burn. After a few minutes the cup will be sterilized, depending on the manufacturer this time can vary between 3 and 5 minutes . Once sterilized you can keep it until the next use or use it directly.

How to remove and clean the ruler cup

Recommendations for removing the cup

Being relaxed is essential to remove the cup . You should find a comfortable position , we recommend if it is the first time you try squatting , sitting on the toilet or with one foot on the toilet. To remove the cup, simply pull the end while using your abdominal muscles to push down. You will need to do this step until you can reach the base. Then you should gently press the base , to release the vacuumand slide the cup out. You see by gently moving the end of the glass from one side to the other.

Menstrual cup and its cleaning. How to wash the glasses for menstruation?

Once extracted, empty the cup in the toilet, rinse it with water and if you wish, clean it with mild soap. Remember to clean any holes or curves that may have where there may be some residue. If you don’t have access to clean water, you can use toilet paper.

copa menstrual tumbada

Opinions on the use of menstrual cups, advice and recommendations.

Gynecologist opinions of its use

Recent studies published in The Lancet with peer reviews, has collected a large amount of data to confirm that the use of the cup does not carry a greater risk of infections than other intimate hygiene products . Therefore it is a safe and effective method. Regarding the women who have been trying it, 70% already choose it as their first option.

What are the most popular menstrual cups

In truth, there is no better menstrual cup than another, it all depends on the user. One of the most popular cups is the OrganiCup menstrual cup . This cup is made of silicone, so it does not alter the body at the level of allergies or irritations. Another very good option is the Intimina menstrual cup that can be folded to store anywhere. It also has is very soft and flexible. Another very interesting option that comes with an applicator to facilitate its placement is Enna , it will be very easy for you to put it on.

Frequently asked questions menstrual cups

Can the menstrual cup be worn all day?

The menstrual cup is a conical  shaped container  that is placed inside  the vagina  to collect the flow of menstruation. It can be reusable by  performing periodic emptying. It can be worn for up  to 12 hours  so it can be worn without problems overnight.  Depending on the amount of flow it may be necessary to empty every 4 or 8 hours on the days of most rule.

How long does a menstrual cup usually last?

Menstrual cups are made of very durable materials . They should be cleaned with cold water at each emptying and sanitized once a month with boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes. Following the manufacturer’s advice and care, a menstrual cup can last for years, up to 10 years. If yellowing is detected, it is possible to clean with hydrogen peroxide by submerging it overnight.

Is the cup useful for urine leakage?

Some women wonder if they can use menstrual cups if they have urinary incontinence. Since the menstrual cup is placed in the vaginal canal which is totally separated from the urinary tract, it can be used without problems . What’s more, the use of the menstrual cup is even more recommended than compresses that can absorb urine and can create unwanted infections.

What happens if I don’t empty my menstrual cup at 12 o’clock?

A the like other products of personal hygiene as tampons or if not make spares recommended could result in proliferation of bacteria harmful . This problem is not derived from the cup itself, but from the stored flow.

What does it happen if the menstrual cup does not come out or goes too deep?

The menstrual cup cannot go too far in or refuse to come out. When placed, it creates a small vacuum that allows the cup to be sealed with the inside of the vagina. But this void disappears when it is moved or pressed, making it easier for it to be removed.

Can I leak with a menstrual cup?

If the menstrual cup is well positioned below of the neck cervical vaginal canal should not leak. For this it is necessary that it is well aligned without being too high. It should be noted that not all vaginas have the same shape or the same size, in addition, each woman has her cervix located differently and varies during her menstruation. At first it is advisable to use a compress so that you do not have to worry about accidental leaks until you control the placement of the cup.

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Where can I buy menstrual cups?

At  Menstrual.Pro we are experts in menstrual cups , we have ALL types of menstrual cups and if you have any questions or concerns, we will help you solve them. Leave us your comments and we will be happy to talk to you.

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