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Panties or Menstrual Cups?

We know the importance of the female menstrual cycle and the discomfort of going through menstruation for some women. Many women are constantly looking for information, as well as products that help them minimize the discomfort of those days of heavy menstrual flow when leaks are the order of the day and allergies to cellulose products are more and more frequent. We believe that menstrual cups and menstrual panties can be of great help in female intimate life.

Menstrual cups

Do you have doubts about what a menstrual cup is and how to use it? You already have it but you don’t know how to clean your menstrual cup or fold it to insert it?

comprar copas menstruales

Do you have doubts about what is your menstrual cup? Can’t make up your mind with so many brands and don’t know what size you need?

If you already have it clear !, access our catalog to buy the menstrual cup. Choose your ideal glass here.

With our online help you can find the Cup for the rule that best suits your needs.

Menstrual panties

What menstrual panties am I interested in? Can’t you decide with so many types and models? We have analyzed ALL the brands and types to help you choose the BEST one.

comprar bragas menstruales

If you do not know how to measure your size and you have doubts about how they are cleaned or how long the panties last for menstrual.

You have already decided to try a menstrual brief! We have models for your daughters or for you. Choose the BEST here!

We are going to help you find the panties for the rule you are looking for. If you are going to buy Menstrual Panties, here you have them ALL!

We select and work only the best brands

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What are menstrual cups?

The menstrual cup is an intimate hygiene item that allows you to collect the flow of menstruation without the need to use disposable and allergic products. These are silicone cups that are inserted into the woman’s vagina, and can remain for up to 12 hours without leaking, both in a vertical and horizontal position.

We have analyzed more than 500 products in this category and we answer ALL your questions about menstrual cups in our NEWS section on menstrual cups.

Pros and cons

We analyze advantages and disadvantages of the menstrual cup, so that you know if it is worth using it or not.


  1. Take care of your health: Because it is made of medical silicone, it prevents bacteria from affecting the body and producing TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome). They are 0% toxic and do not affect the humidity of the vagina and do not produce any odor.
  2. Durability: The cup can be used from 8 to 12 hours continuously depending on the flow of each woman. You forget the rule, it can be emptied in the morning and in the evening.
  3. Take care of the environment: Because it is reusable, it does not generate polluting waste for the environment and takes care of our environment.
  4. Economy: The menstrual cup can last 10 years or more, plus you save a lot on tampons and pads. Studies say you can save more than € 50 a year by comparing with tampons.
  5. Avoid irritations: Tampons can end up irritating you.
  6. Does not fall: You can move without fear, the cup stays fixed and does not fall. It does not move or show.
  7. Compatible with any type of clothing: Menstruation will no longer be an impediment for you to wear your favorite clothes, you can wear the menstrual cup and nothing is noticeable.
  8. It allows total mobility: You can do everything, ride, acrobatics, gym, swim … the cup does not prevent you from doing anything, have sex? With a special menstrual cup, yes.
  9. It does not cause bad odors: With the menstrual cup, the blood that comes out of the cervix enters an air vacuum that prevents oxidation, therefore no strong odor will come out of your intimate area. This point worries a lot in the opinions about menstrual cups, but we guarantee you that it does not smell!


  1. Putting on a menstrual cup: Learning to use a menstrual cup requires time, will, and patience.
  2. The size: Getting the size right is important because if you have difficulty placing it, it is because it is large.
  3. Remove the menstrual cup: It can get trapped or sometimes the vacuum is made, it is a matter of moving it to the sides or inserting a finger to break the vacuum.
  4. Conservation of the menstrual cup: As it is a reusable product, it is mandatory to keep it in good condition to preserve it
  5. Sterilization must be used: once each time the cycle ends. Wash it every time you change and keep them in a suitable place.
  6. Change it in public bathrooms: It is difficult to change your glass in a public bathroom. If you spend too much time away from home and without access to your bathroom, changing will require a lot of patience if you do not have enough privacy and a sink at hand.
  7. It can cause discomfort: If you have chosen your menstrual cup incorrectly, this could lead to problems, such as leaks and stains, discomfort or pain, difficulty in removing the cup, or difficulty in staying inside.


The girls who have tried it do not change it for nothing! When buying, choose your size well and if you have doubts, contact us. The menstrual cup can last 10 years so we recommend you buy a good menstrual cup and keep it well. You will not regret!

Our recommended menstrual cups

We have analyzed the best ones and we are left with these 2 menstrual cups. The enna cup to start and the Intimina cup for those who have already used them, we leave here the 2 models for you to see:

ROSA RUGOSA Menstrual Cups + Steamer Sterilizer Bundle - All You Need to Start Your Menstrual Cup Journey! - Feminine Hygiene - Leak-Free - Eliminates up to 99.9%

a partir de 18 de junio de 2022 19:35

Cora Menstrual Period Cup | Comfortable, Easy to Use | Soft, Medical Grade Silicone | Flexible Fit | Leak Protection, Foldable, Sustainable, Reusable Alternative to Tampons/Pads (Size 1)

a partir de 18 de junio de 2022 19:35

What are menstrual panties?

Menstrual panties are an intimate garment, designed to be, at the same time, protection for the period. Something like a brief with a reusable pad incorporated. This is achieved by adding a layer on the bridge part of the panties, which is the one that will absorb the blood.

After reviewing more than 200 opinions and according to the reports seen in the OCU on menstrual panties (Organization of Consumers and Users), we have prepared the best comparative tables on panties, culottes, menstrual thongs and others. We answer ALL your questions about these menstruation intimates that are gaining market share compared to classic disposable pads and tampons.

Pros and cons

We analyze the advantages and disadvantages of menstrual briefs, so that you know if it is worth using it or not.


  • Take care of your health: Prevent bacteria from affecting the body and producing TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome). They absorb the flow of menstruation, preventing blood from leaving the garment and staining clothes or whatever comes into contact with us.
  • Durability: The panty is capable of absorbing the equivalent of about 15 or 20 ml of blood or, what is the same, what you would stain in about 3 or 4 tampons. So it will be good for you to get 3 or 4 menstrual panties and exchange them.
  • Take care of the environment: Because it is reusable, it does not generate polluting waste for the environment and takes care of our environment. They are washable and reusable, we are preventing millions of pads and tampons from continuing to contaminate the ecosystem.
  • Economy: You save money and space, you also save a lot on tampons and pads. Imagine what you spend on tampons, with the menstrual brief, you clean it and continue to use it. All advantages!
  • Doesn’t irritate: Tampons can end up irritating you.
  • Comfort: They are ideal for those women who do not feel comfortable carrying foreign objects inserted into their vagina and who are reluctant to use a tampon, because panties are a good alternative and offer a non-invasive menstrual retention system such as tampons and menstrual cup.
  • Feeling of being wet: With menstrual panties, the blood dries instantly, preventing us from feeling wet.
  • It allows total mobility: You can do everything, ride, acrobatics, gym, swim … the menstrual panties do not prevent you from doing anything.
  • Does not cause bad odors: Menstrual panties work by preventing bad odors from being released. That rotten smell is due to the proliferation of bacteria and, thanks to these panties, this does not happen.


  • You have to undress to change: This is not very practical or pleasant if you are on the street.
  • The size: Getting the size right is important as it has to fit well for absorption.
  • You cannot wash it with just any soap: Some cannot be washed with any type of soap made by saponification of vegetable oils, because the technical fabric loses absorption. Use detergent for delicate fabrics.
  • They are not waterproof: The fabric is waterproof but, if they are overloaded with blood, they can end up penetrating.
  • They are a bit more expensive: They cost more than cloth pads and menstrual cups but you save on panties and, above all, they do not stain your favorite panties!
  • Durability: They last less time than other reusable alternatives, they usually last 2 years without losing their absorption, while a menstrual cup can last up to 10 years.


The opinions of menstrual panties are generally satisfactory and whoever wears them repeats. They give a feeling of freedom. It can be a complement or substitute for the menstrual cup, which is also very liberating. Being able to choose a reusable alternative for the rule is an option that is becoming more fashionable every day. It is the method that generated the least expectations and the one that most favorably surprised users according to the OCU and various studies carried out on menstrual panties.

Our recommended menstrual panties

We have analyzed the best and we are left with these 2 menstrual panties for their qualities, designs and good opinions of menstrual panties found. The DIM menstrual panties and the COCORO menstrual panties, we leave you here the 2 models for you to see:

OLIKEME Women Mesh Holes Breathable Leakproof Period Panties Mulit Pack US Size Medium

a partir de 18 de junio de 2022 19:35

Neione Period Underwear Menstrual Postpartum Panties Absorbent Leakproof Underpants Women Supersoft Hipsters 3 Pack Moss XL

a partir de 18 de junio de 2022 19:35

Comparative menstrual cups vs menstrual panties

More and more menstrual cups and panties are gaining market share over disposable pads or tampons. Because they are reusable without generating polluting waste for the environment and taking care of our environment, in addition to preventing millions of pads and tampons from continuing to contaminate the ecosystem, more and more girls are turning to this ecological alternative.

Below we show you a comparative table of menstrual cups and menstrual panties so that you can see the main advantages and disadvantages along with the main characteristics of each product.

CharacteristicsMenstrual PantiesMenstrual Cups
Take care of the environment
Durability5 years15 years
Expenses28€ approx.25€ approx.
Amount to use per cycle2 o 3 approx.1 cup
Feeling of having itNo
Maintenance required
It is disposableNoNo
Lasts all night
Can you play sports?Regular
Avoid irritationDepending on model
Hours of maximum protectionUntil 4Until 12
Does it respect the vaginal bacterial flora?

What do you think about Panties or Menstrual Cups?

👉 Menstrual cup? Menstrual brief? Ecological alternatives for feminine hygiene, in this video published by the OCU (Organization of Consumers and Users) we tell you everything.

Dare to try the new way of living in menstruation. Many women around the world have joined the movement, and they have not only experienced greater comfort, but are helping to care for our planet.


Panties or Menstrual Cups?

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