How long do menstrual cups ✅ last 🧭

To all of us the question arises as last the cups menstrual and how often should remove them permanently. You have to know that a menstrual cup can last for many years, and if it is used properly it can even last 10 years in perfect condition. In this article we will collect information about what we must take into account to extend its useful life.

How long does a menstrual cup last ?

The menstrual cup can last for many years. More and more resistant materials are used. Initially, different types of plastic as well as latex began to be used . At the beginning they could last one or two years but little by little their useful life has been extended.

Currently most brands use silicones . As with other products, durability depends largely on the material used. Currently those that offer the best benefits are those made with medical silicone since, in addition to having a long durability, they are the ones that can produce the least allergies or irritations.

It should be ensured that the glass is of quality and that it uses suitable materials. For this, the selected brand is important and making sure that the labeling of the product is correct.

What materials is a menstrual cup made of ?

The menstrual cup is a container that is placed in the vagina to collect the menstrual flow, that is, the rule. It is a very good alternative to the classic tampons and pads. We explain below the materials with which we can usually find them with the differences and characteristics of each of them.

  • Special silicone like the one that can be used in some surgeries. It is a safe and compatible material with the human body. Currently it is the most used material in menstrual cups since it is soft and firm at the same time. In addition, its composition does not usually cause allergies or skin reactions.
  • The latex is an environmentally friendly, soft , elastic material, which fits very well. This material does not allow air or humidity to pass through. One of the limitations is that many people have allergic reactions to latex , which can create a little irritation in the area in contact with the latex or even anaphylactic shock, which would be very serious.
  • Surgical plastic (TPE) is a recyclable material that is used in medical supplies such as bottle nipples or pacifiers. This material also produces very few allergic reactions.

How do you know if a menstrual cup needs to be replaced?

As we have indicated, the duration of a menstrual cup depends on the material as well as the use to which it is subjected. Although we can collect here information about the approximate duration of the glasses based on publications or experiences, it should be noted that in each case these times may be shortened.

It should be noted that those glasses that have protrusions or thin layers such as those that are very flexible, the duration will be somewhat shorter. There are some that use very thin and highly flexible silicones for greater comfort but that end up deteriorating after a few years.

Our recommendation is that from time to time you observe it in case you notice a cut or hole. Also when silicone is deteriorating seemed to touch a sticky or oily film on the surface. These surface variations indicate that the material begins to deteriorate through use.

You may also notice that some glasses , especially transparent or light-colored ones, can lose their hue and even yellow. This, although it seems a sign of deterioration, does not necessarily imply that it needs to be changed . You should not replace it as the color does not affect its effectiveness and you can continue to use it.

When to change Enna menstrual cup ?

The Enna Cycle Cup has an applicator and extended grip for easy removal . This cup is made of medical grade silicone , fully compatible with the body and also does not generate any allergic reaction. In addition, the silicone material of this cup is biodegradable . Enna Cycle is a menstrual cup free of harmful chemicals.

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  • CAJA ESTERILIZADORA enna box, que también sirve para trasnportala y tener siempre una copa de repuesto a mano.
  • DOS COPAS EN CADA PACK para que puedas tener siempre una de recambio.
  • Tiene un HILO GUÍA para saber que está bien colocada y poder ubicar la base de la copa, así como para recordar que la llevamos puesta y no olvidarnos de extraerla.
  • Esta FABRICADA EN ESPAÑA con SILICONA LÍQUIDA de grado médico, lo cuál la hace más blandita y cómoda.
  • Disponible en 3 TALLAS para que puedas escoger la que mejor se adapta a ti.

How long do menstrual cups last? Enna Cycle has a duration of 10 years in all sizes.

When should the OrganiCup menstrual cup be changed?

The OrganicCup menstrual cup is made of medical silicone and without the use of dyes . It has been awarded for its good quality and sustainability . It comes with compact box cardboard FSC-certified with the instructions printed on the same packaging to reduce waste, plus a bag of cotton organic .

This cup has a long handle for easy removal . This allows its extraction especially in women with a high cervix. In the event that it is not necessary, it can be cut to fit.

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The main component of silicone is quartz , it is the second most abundant mineral in the earth’s crust and it does not do any harm to the environment . It is also a material that is technically recyclable even though it is not currently recycled. So how long do menstrual cups last? This cup lasts about 10 years .

When should I renew my Intimina cup?

As for the Intimina cup, it depends on the model, it can last between 2 and 10 years.

The Ziggy Cup is an extra-flat menstrual disc shaped menstrual cup that adapts perfectly to your body. Its flat and flexible design allows for sexual intercourse. It has a shelf life of up to 2 years.

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The Lily Cup One Beginner Menstrual Cup is an ultra-soft menstrual cup . It has a double edge to facilitate its opening inside the vagina. It has a ring shape at the lower end that makes extraction very easy and comfortable and a box where it can be transported folded anywhere. It has a shelf life of up to 10 years.

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If you want more information about this type of cups, come to the section dedicated to intimina menstrual cups.

How often should I replace my Eureka Cup?

Eureka Cup is the only Empty Menstrual Cup . It is made of medical silicone , being hypoallergenic and respectful of vaginal discharge. This cup does not contain BPA, latex, chemicals or derivatives. Flexible material for a better adaptation to your vagina.

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  • PACK COPA MENSTRUAL + ESTERILIZADOR. La única copa menstrual VACIABLE SIN RETIRAR de la vagina, ideal para baños públicos. La forma más cómoda, sana y ecológica de vivir la menstruación.
  • SILICONA MÉDICA. La copa menstrual EUREKA! Cup está fabricada con silicona 100% m dica y ha sido testada dermatológicamente. Respeta el suelo pélvico. Etiqueta con sellado higiénico. No contiene perfumes, látex o BPA.
  • SIN FUGAS, IRRITACIONES O SEQUEDAD. La copa menstrual EUREKA! Cup ha sido diseñada por sexólogas a prueba de fugas, podrás llevarla hasta un máximo de 12 HORAS seguidas. A diferencia de los tampones, las copas menstruales no absorben la lubricación interna de la vagina y por lo tanto, no resecan ni provocan infecciones. Después de este tiempo se debe limpiar con agua, retirar los restos de sangre y volver a introducir.
  • ECOLÓGICA. EUREKA! Cup es ecológica, segura y efectiva. Recogerá tu flujo menstrual mientras te bañes en la piscina o hagas cualquier otra actividad sin derrames ni fugas. Además tiene una duración de 10 AÑOS, lo que supone un gran ahorro.
  • ESTERILIZADOR FÁCIL DE USAR. Pon el esterilizador con la copa menstrual en su interior y la tapa abierta dentro del microondas. Calienta durante aproximadamente 2-3 minutos dejando que hierva el agua.

How often should we replace menstrual cups last. It has a duration of up to 10 with care appropriate . The Eureka Cup menstrual cup can be emptied without removing it from your body. Empty menstrual cup without taking it out of the vagina. It is designed to be able to pass menstruation without limits or ties . Ideal for public toilets.

How can I prevent my menstrual cup from deteriorating?

We already know how long menstrual cups last. But to ensure a long life to the menstrual cup it is necessary to follow a series of tips in its use and storage or storage. It is important to avoid storing it in a very airtight place . It is better for the silicone to breathe and keep it in a space that has some ventilation. It is also recommended to use a cloth bag to protect it and reduce the risk of the silicone picking up moisture as it will allow it to breathe.

When sterilizing the menstrual cup with boiling water it is recommended that a timer be used to ensure that it is performed properly according to the manufacturer’s instructions. It is also recommended that the saucepan where the boiling water is has enough water to cover the glass and that it does not come into contact with the metal base as it could burn .

Alternatively, a menstrual cup sterilizer can be used to sterilize the menstrual cup . This equipment in addition to performing one sterilization optimal prevents lime to accumulate in the areas most narrow of the cup.

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When you see that it may take a yellowish color or some type of odor, more aggressive methods can be applied to return them to their original state. For this you can soak it overnight in hydrogen peroxide . The next day you should take it out and clean it with cold water to remove all the hydrogen peroxide .

Summary of questions

How long does a menstrual cup last ?

The duration of a menstrual cup can be several years. At first, materials such as plastic and latex were used . These cups lasted one or two years. Currently, medical grade silicones are used that allow them to extend their useful life following the advice for use.

Enna menstrual cup. How long does it last?

The menstrual cup Enna Cycle has a duration of 10 years in all sizes. This cup is made of medical grade silicone, fully compatible with the body.

When to change the OrganiCup menstrual cup?

This cup lasts about 10 years . The OrganicCup menstrual cup is made of medical silicone and without the use of dyes.

How often should I renew my Intimina cup?

As for the Intimina cup, it depends on the model, it can last between 2 and 10 years. The Lily Cup One Beginner Menstrual Cup has a shelf life of up to 10 years . On the other hand, the Ziggy Cup, which is a menstrual cup with the shape of an extra-flat menstrual disc that adapts perfectly to your body, has a useful life of up to 2 years.

How often should I replace my Eureka Cup?

It has a duration of up to 10 with care appropriate . The Eureka Cup menstrual cup can be emptied without removing it from your body.

How to detect that a menstrual cup needs to be replaced?

The duration of a menstrual cup depends largely on the material. But it also depends on the use that is made. This is why times can be shortened. Cracks or breaks are usually detected, and in other cases the surface becomes more viscous and sticky. In these cases it is better to replace it.

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