I already know how to remove the menstrual cup and remove it without mess!

I already know how to remove the menstrual cup and remove it without mess! Do you want to know how to remove a menstrual cup? Next, we are going to teach you step by step how to remove a vaginal cup and everything you need to know to start using menstrual cups.

How to remove a menstrual cup step by step

We advise you that to remove the menstrual cup for the first time, do it when you do not have your period. Menstrual cups are made of 100% medical silicone, which means that it does not absorb your vaginal discharge  so you can use it whenever you want, whether you have a period or not, because it does not dry out the vagina. In fact, whenever you think your period is going to come, you can put it on and you are safe.

Here are the steps to remove a menstrual cup:

Step 1: wash your hands

You will have to put your hand in your most intimate area and you will want clean hands to do it. Avoiding unwanted bacteria is the best!

Step 2: relax and focus

This step is like when you insert it for the first time. If it’s tight, the pelvic floor muscles will also tighten, making extraction much more difficult. Take a few deep breaths and find a comfortable position. Squatting is a proven position because it helps open the pelvis and makes the vaginal canal shorter, which often helps the cup drop down a bit.

Step 3: Locate your cup

With a clean finger (the index finger usually works best), search and locate it. Can you feel the lever or the stem at the base of the cup? Is the cup pointed in the correct direction (such as inward, with the lever angled toward the opening of the vagina)? If your mug is at an angle, or is somehow placed on its side, use your finger to guide it slightly so that it is in an upright position. This will make removal easier. Do not pull on the grip, as this will not release the suction.

Step 4: Practice pelvic exercises

It’s good to do pelvic floor exercises which are when you contract and release those muscles (feels a bit like holding a pee and then releasing it) repeatedly, which helps to strengthen them. We recommend doing 10 of these exercises at least once a day this helps problems, such as incontinence, bladder control problems or anything else that can affect your pelvis and helps you have better control to remove the menstrual cup.

Step 5: Reach out and break the seal

Reinsert your index finger and try to break the seal on the cup by running your finger along the sides or pushing down on the rim, if you can reach it. If the cup is completely ‘open’ and you feel like it might be too big to remove, try bending it while it’s inside (pushing the rim down). If that doesn’t work …

Take a break

Do you have sweats or is it weighing you down? It may be time to take a little breather. Leave it for a while, make yourself a cup of tea, and do whatever it takes to relax you. Then come back with a clear head (and clean hands) and try again.

If you’re STILL unlucky …

Try a different position like sitting on the toilet or resting one leg on the toilet while standing. Changing the angles can help change the position of your cup, making it easier to reach.

And if all else fails …

Step 6: The last resort on how to remove the menstrual cup

It might be time to call a friend to help you out (make sure they wash their hands first too!) Or visit a healthcare professional, like a doctor or gynecologist, who should be able to easily remove your menstrual cup.

IMPORTANT! You must remove your menstrual cup from the vagina every 8-12 hours maximum to clean with water and optionally with neutral soap. Once clean you can re-introduce it.

Our group of experts in menstrual cups and with their experiences, we have created this website to answer all your questions. If you are looking for how to remove the enna menstrual cup or how to remove the intimina menstrual cup, we will tell you EVERYTHING here.

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