Menstrual cup does not open, Help👀, what can I do?

My menstrual cup won’t open, now what? Help!. Don’t worry if your menstrual cup doesn’t come out, the first thing is to stay calm. I’m going to teach you all the tricks in case your menstrual cup gets stuck.

Why won’t my menstrual cup open?

My menstrual cup won’t open, now what? Help!. Don’t worry if your menstrual cup doesn’t come out, the first thing is to stay calm. I’m going to teach you all the tricks in case your menstrual cup gets stuck.

Why won’t my menstrual cup open?

There are a few different factors that could be preventing your menstrual cup from opening completely. It could simply be a matter of finding a crease that works well for you, or you might need a different cup.

Tricks if the menstrual cup does not open

Now, I’m going to show you the tricks that I have used myself, especially at the beginning of using a menstrual cup. First, let’s make sure you are inserting the cup correctly. Before inserting your cup, always wash your hands well. And try to relax! This process can be intimidating for new cup users, but if you feel tense, it will be more difficult to insert the cup. So take a few deep breaths and remember, while learning how to use a menstrual cup can be a bit uncomfortable at first, it should never be painful and the cup cannot get lost inside you. So there is nothing to worry about!

Use some lubricant

If you are not already using lube when inserting your cup, this is a must! There are many lubricants that are specifically designed to provide a smooth insertion and a good seal for your menstrual cup. Not only does it make inserting the cup easier, but it will also help you position it correctly so it can form a seal and prevent leakage. For many cup users, a little lubricant is all that is needed to get the cup in place.

Use the menstrual cup fold in C

The C-fold is a simple one-handed fold that allows the cup to open easily. You can see images of how to do it and we teach you everything on how to use the menstrual cup.

Run your finger over the edge

After your cup is fully inserted, run a clean finger around the rim of the cup (the top). As you do this, you may feel some creases or indentations.

Grab the base and turn it

If you feel creases, grasp the base of the cup and gently rotate the cup in a circular motion. Twist the cup one full turn. This will help it open and form a seal.

If with these simple tricks to remove the stuck vaginal cup it does not come out, follow the following steps and you will see how your menstrual cup comes out without a problem.

Steps in case the menstrual cup does not come out

If all of the above tips haven’t worked for you, try the following tips to help you open your glass.

  • Relax : if you are tense, the vaginal cavity will tighten and it will be more difficult for the cup to open.
  • Make sure the holes in the rim of your menstrual cup are free of menstrual waste. You can use a toothpick to clean them or fill the cup with water, then place it upside down in the palm of your hand and squeeze the cup. This will flush water through the holes and clean them.
  • Run your cup with cold water before inserting it . This will make the silicone slightly firmer than when the cup is hot, which can help the cup to open.
  • Use some water or water -based lubricant on the rim of your cup if you are new to using a menstrual cup.
  • Try a different fold ; Many women have success with the «punch-down» fold when previously using the «c» fold, as the cup tends to open more easily than the «c» fold.
  • Follow the instructions set out in the user guide and make sure the cup is tilted back towards the tailbone when inserted and not up, as this is the natural angle of the vagina.
  • Once inserted, run your finger around the circumference of the cup , if you can feel dents in the cup, it has not opened properly. Try the following: Use the cup to push slightly against the wall of the vagina. This can create additional space in the vaginal canal and allow the cup to open. Some people find that pushing it back toward the bowel helps, while other people find that pushing it forward toward the bladder works for them.
  • Push the rim of the cup on the opposite side from where you can feel the dent.
  • Rotate the cup – This works for some people, but others cannot rotate it at all once it is inserted.
  • Squeeze your pelvic floor as this can help move the cup into the correct position and open it.

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