Self-draining menstrual cup 🏅It was recommended to me and…

Self-draining menstrual cup it was recommended to me and did you know that there is a type of glass that empties itself? This is the self-emptying menstrual cup, which has a design that allows the cup to be emptied without having to remove it from the vagina, thus avoiding the great inconvenience of removing the menstrual cup.

Using a menstrual cup with a stopper has advantages such as not needing to wash it so often, if you have a very constant flow you will not have to go through the hassle of removing and inserting the cup so often and the most important thing is that it is not necessary to remove it from the vagina to download the content especially if you are not at home.

Regarding its use, it is not worth buying them if your flow is moderate, a normal glass will hold you for 12 hours, which is the same time that you will have to change a valve to wash it. If your flow is irregular, the exhaust system may get clogged, you can discharge as much liquid and then loosen the accumulated clots later. The stem of dump valve cups is usually longer, which can be more uncomfortable.

Eureka menstrual cup! Self-emptying cup

The Eureka Menstrual Cup! Medical Silicone Cup, is the only Empty Menstrual Cup Without Removing it, that you can buy on Amazon, it is difficult to find this type of cups, but here we leave you our recommendation on self-emptying menstrual cups.


  • 100% silicona médica
  • hipoalergénica y respetuosa con el flujo vaginal
  • No contiene BPA, látex, químicos ni derivados

If you want more information about menstrual cups with drain plug , we have prepared a study with the advantages and disadvantages and more characteristics, consult our catalog.

How to use self-draining menstrual cups?

The emptying menstrual cup should be taken out of the vagina at least once every 12 hours and allows a friendly and efficient emptying without taking it out of the vagina. The menstrual cup should always be handled with clean hands. For the first use, sterilize the cup in boiling water for 4 minutes. Below we detail in several steps how to use the menstrual cup:








– You do not need any instrumentation, the self-emptying cup already has the mechanism to empty the menstrual cup without removing it.

Necessary things?

– A menstrual cup with an emptying valve.

Steps to use the self-draining menstrual cup:

Copa menstrual autovaciable
Holding the menstrual cup

Step 1

Hold the menstrual cup by its crown between the index finger and the thumb of the left hand. With the tip of the index finger of the right hand, fold the cup from any of its 4 tabs, to the deepest point of the same. It will be retracted.

Copa menstrual autovaciable
Holding the menstrual cup

Step 2

Extract the index finger and without it unfolding, find the position that is most comfortable for inserting it into the vagina.

Copa menstrual autovaciable
Parting the vaginal lips

Step 3

Separate the vaginal lips with the left hand and insert the menstrual cup until it is completely inside the vagina (except for the tube). When removing the fingers, cup will unfold inside the vagina. To help this happen, the cup can be rotated until it has been successfully deployed. It can be checked by circling the cup with your finger.

Copa menstrual autovaciable
Introduce the tube

Step 4

Insert the tube into the vagina until it is bent in a vertical position.  The menstrual cup will be sealed and ready to be enjoyed.

Instructions for Emptying the Self-Emptying Menstrual Cup

Self-draining menstrual cup needs empty at least once every 12 hours. It may be necessary to empty it before, depending on the intensity of each menstruation. Before emptying, wash your hands if possible with warm water and mild soap. Simply lower the discharge tube with two fingers and allow the blood to drain. Once finished, you can re-insert the discharge tube.

Copa menstrual autovaciable

Although it is true, this type of menstrual cups is difficult to find in normal stores, at we tell you everything you need to know about self-emptying menstrual cups with their advantages and disadvantages and where to find them.

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